Team Xtrobots


Team Xtrobots Robotics is a student-run team from Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of technology in Durg, India. We work to promote  Engineering Technology (Robotics, Embedded Technology) to our Members and community. 


Our Mission
To bring manual and autonomous machines with more automation and advanced self-learning covering the majority of the sectors to ease difficulties that human beings face while performing the tasks. To make potential use of functionality and advanced techniques while designing the machines for substantial growth of robotics in the day to day life.


Our Vision
To research and develop manual and autonomous machines in all the possible sectors for the betterment of country


Participated in 64 Technical fests

Bagged 1st position in 31 events

Bagged 2nd position in 8 events

Bagged 3rd position in 3 events

Still more to come....

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